Different Types of Organ Transplants & Donors and Benefits of Liver Transplantations in Delhi

Liver Transplant Surgeon

For the purpose of replacing the damage or absent organ, the organ from the donor body is effectively moved to the receipt body.  In accordance to the conditions of the patients, the organs that can be transplanted are kidneys, liver, and lungs. Moreover, the heart, pancreas and thymus can also be transplanted for the purpose of replacing damage or absent organ effectively.

Various types of Transplant Procedures

Different types of transplant used across the world are Autograft, Allograft & Allotransplantation. In addition to this, Xenograft and xenotransplantation can also be used for the purpose of effective transplantation.  The Split transplants, and Domino transplants, are also popular types of transplant procedures used across the world. ABO-incompatible transplants and Transplantation in obese individuals are used across the world, for the purpose of ensuring optimum functionality of the body.

Different Types of Donor for the Organ Transplant

The donor of the organ transplant can be both living and deceased with circulatory death or brain death.  Only renewable organs such as blood and skin can be donated by the living donors. Besides this, the living donors can donate part of organ such as kidney or liver that can work effectively in their absence.  Living donors often donate their organs to their friendly and family, in fear to losing them due to lack of donor or long waiting list of getting the donated body parts. The body of brain dead patients are kept in ventilators can donate most of their body parts for the purpose of effective transplant processes.

Liver Transplants in Delhi 

In the cases of acute liver failure, the doctors recommend only viable options as liver transplantation as soon as possible.  Besides this, the liver transplantation is recommended in cases of end-stage liver disease. One of the major complications associated with liver or organ transplantation is graft rejection, which can be of three types in cases of liver transplant.  The three types of graft rejection common in liver transplant are hyperacute rejection, acute rejection and chronic rejection.  For avoiding or preventing the graft rejection, the Liver Transplant Surgeon makes use of high dose of immunosuppressive drugs.

Liver Transplant Surgeon

Supervised doses of Corticosteroids with a calcineurin inhibitor are often used as immunosuppressive drug in major cases of liver transplantation.  As per recent studies conducted, it was reported that only 10% to 20% cases of failure with new liver was found during the studies conducted.

A team of experienced three liver transplant surgeons, two anesthesiologists and four nurses are required for conducting liver transplant surgical procedures that can effectively lasts for 5 to 9 hours, in accordance to the outcome of the surgical procedures.

The replacement of diseased liver with healthy liver through systematically executed Liver Transplant in Delhi can save the life of patients suffering from liver failure or irreversible liver damage. One of the most popular techniques used for the purpose of systematic liver transplant is orthotopic transplantation.

Liver Transplant in Delhi


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