Hepatitis diseases, Symptoms and Treatments

Inflammation of the liver is known as hepatitis. It is caused by viral infection but use of drugs, alcohol and other toxins substances can cause hepatitis .When body makes antibiotic against the liver then autoimmune hepatitis occurs.

There are two kinds of hepatitis acute hepatitis and chronic hepatitis. Acute hepatitis is also known new hepatitis. While chronic hepatitis shows that the hepatitis has been present for more than 5 or 6 months. Again the hepatitis can of A B C D and E type.

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Hepatitis A occurs with contaminated water or food and can also be contacted from infected person. The hepatitis B can occur when a person gets comes into contact infectious body saliva, blood, semen or wound. The use of drug injection of infected person, sex with infected person and use of razor can cause hepatitis B.Hepatitis C is also transmitted through infection from infected person and it comes from hepatitis C virus. Hepatitis D is a serious liver disease caused by the hepatitis D virus .Again the causes is infection from infected person through wounds or infected blood .it occurs in conjunction with hepatitis B infection. The hepatitis E is caused by hepatitis E virus and is happens in poor sanitation areas and is caused by contamination in water and food.

Acute hepatitis causes damage to liver cells .It may be caused by viral infection, overdose of drugs, such as Paracetamol and Acetaminophen, the inhaling of some dry cleaning chemicals and eating wild mushrooms. Jaundice, vomiting, nausea, fever, loss of appetite, pain in joints and red hives on skin are the symptoms of the acute hepatitis.

Before the treatment the cause, severity of the acute attack and general health of the patient is taken into consideration. Patients who do not respond to the treatment of acute hepatitis develop chronic hepatitis. The symptoms of which are fatigue, loss of appetite, low fever, jaundice, enlarged spleen, fluid retention in the body and spider like blood vessels. Some persons may be showing no symptoms until the damage been done to their livers.

Antiviral drugs injections and oral antiviral drugs are given to the person with B or C inflammation.In hepatitis C; ribavirin is given to a patient. Stopping the use of certain drugs and alcohol is recommended to a patient to cure the symptoms. Corticosteroids are given in autoimmune disorder liver disease.

Liver transplant comes at the last stage of treatment. Liver Transplant Surgeon . The rate of liver transplant can be high if it is done in time. The person with dead brain or relative with matching blood group can give liver for transplantation. The other vital organs of the patient are tested before the liver transplantation. Specialists in liver transplant in Liver Transplant Hospital in Delhi can gauge the success of transplantation by knowing the status of the patient, severity and cause of the patient.