Cause of Liver Failure and its Symptoms

Liver failure means that large part of the liver is not able to function normally and it has got damaged beyond repair. The liver failure can be life threatening disease. It never happens all of sudden but can happen gradually over the years. However, the acute liver failure can occur within a day or two and cannot be detected initially. There are many reasons for the failure of the liver. Some of these are due to the diseases like hepatitis B and C , consumption of alcohol for long duration , cirrhosis and some inherited disease where a person absorb too much iron. Malnutrition can also lead to liver failure.

The acute liver failure which can happen in couple of day , has different reasons and these may include overdose of some medicines like Tylenol , hepatitis B  C  or   A virus  specially in kids can causes the acute liver failure . The consumption of wild poisonous mushrooms and reaction to certain medication can also lead to acute liver failure.

Symptoms of the liver failure can also occur in other medical problem that is why; it is difficult to properly detect the liver failure accurately. The conditions like fatigue, nausea, diarrhea and loss of appetite can also happen with other medical common problems.  But as liver failure progresses, the symptoms may become more clear. These are jaundice, swallow abdomen, difficulty in sleeping, bleeding easily and mental confusion. Finally it can lead to coma.

Early detection plays an important role in the treatment of the liver failure. If detected early and caused by overdose of some medicines, then failure can be treated and reversed. In case of liver failure caused by virus, the virus symptoms are treated at hospitals. When virus is cured or treated the liver recovers on its own.   In the liver failure that is result of the long deterioration of liver, the efforts are made to save the remaining part of the liver that is functioning and normal.  When that is not possible, then the final step is the liver transplantations. Liver transplantation has Liver Transplant Surgeon     high rate of success these days.

The only way to prevent the liver failure is to decrease the risk of developing liver diseases and infection. The efforts should be to limit the risk of cirrhosis and hepatitis virus.   Some steps can be taken to prevent the risk of hepatitis like taking the injections, taking proper balanced diet, limit the use of alcohol, maintaining hygiene by washing hands before eating and after using bathroom or toilet.

Anyone who takes Tylenol Liver Transplant Hospital in Delhi   medicine must not take the alcohol.  There are other common practices, which should be followed by person normally for keeping diseases away. These are not sharing the used razors and toothbrushes. The proper care, in form of condom, must also be taken before establishing physical relations with a stranger. The person going for tattoos must ask for use of sterilized needles or equipments.


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