Types of Liver Diseases and Treatment of Liver Diseases

Liver functions to metabolize the nutrients that are absorbed by the intestine. One of the important functions of liver is to store nutrients.  Furthermore, liver detoxify blood by removing medications. Liver play important role in removing alcohol and potentially for detoxification of blood. Potentially harmfully chemical is also removed by the liver, for detoxification of blood efficiently.

Types of Liver Diseases

The damage to liver that affects its functionality is known as hepatic disease or commonly known as liver disease. Some of the common types of liver diseases in Delhi are Fascioliasis and Hepatitis.  Caused by a liver fluke of the fasciola genus, the infection of Fascioliasis is a parasitic injection. Viral hepatitis is inflammation of liver that is effectively caused by different viruses.

Alcoholic hepatitis is inflammation of liver that is caused by some liver toxins. Furthermore, hepatitis can be used by the hereditary conditions and autoimmunity. The hepatitis caused by the autoimmunity is known as autoimmune hepatitis.

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is liver disease associated with metabolic syndrome and obesity. Hemochromatosis is hereditary condition that effectively causes damage of liver with accumulation of iron in the body. It is also associated with accumulation of Wilson’s diseases.

Alcohol overconsumption can cause alcoholic liver diseases. Besides this, alcohol overconsumption can also cause fatty liver disease. Cirrhosis and alcoholic hepatitis are also associated with alcohol overconsumption. Substance abuse can cause drug-induced or toxic liver diseases. Hepatic steatosis is another liver disease that is reversible condition, in which liver cells are accumulated by large vacuoles of triglyceride.

Transthyretin-related hereditary Amyloidosis is liver disease in that the liver effectively produces a mutated transthyretin protein.  The mutated transthyretin can produce cardiopathic effects and neurodegenerative effects on the liver. As per first among the best Liver Transplant Surgeon in Delhi, Transthyretin-related hereditary Amyloidosis can be curative treated with liver transplantation.

Autoimmune disease of the bile capillaries is primary biliary cirrhosis. Furthermore, primary liver cancer can effectively damage liver and affects their functionality.

Treatment of Liver Diseases:

In order to treat different types of liver diseases such as hepatitis, many viral medications can available in the market, which can be purchase on prescription provided by the doctors.  Autoimmune hepatitis can be managed by using steroid based drugs, for managing of the liver disease by slowing down the profession of the disease.

Hemochromatosis can be used to treat the liver diseases, by regularly removing a quantity of the blood from the vein in the iron overload conditions.

Primary biliary cirrhosis and hepatitis B/C are some of the diseases that can be effectively treated through liver transplantation. In end stage liver diseases, the treatment is replacement of the liver through liver transplant procedures conducted and supervised by experienced Liver Transplant Surgeon. Biliary Artesia and Wilson’s disease can lead to end state liver diseases that require liver transplantation for effective treatment. Liver Cancer can permanently damage liver without repair and hence liver transplantation is only solution.


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