Hepatitis its symptoms and treatment

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Hepatitis liver disease is of two kinds, acute and chronic hepatitis. Former is inflammation of the liver and destroys liver cells. It is quiet common. The later happens when a patient is not able to cure the acute hepatitis and liver continuous to get inflammation and cell damage. If the symptoms of the hepatitis last longer than six months, then it is treated as chronic hepatitis. The chronic hepatitis can lasts for years.

Symptoms of acute hepatitis — This type of hepatitis can start with flu like symptoms, which is the most common type of symptoms. Individuals may also get jaundice , vomiting , nausea , fever , loss of appetite , joint pain , tenderness in upper part of the stomach , itching , sore muscles and hives on skin . All these symptoms may resemble any other medical condition that is why; the doctor or specialist must be immediately consulted.

In case of chronic hepatitis, the symptoms can be mild, while the damage and inflammation of liver may continue. The progression of the symptoms may be slow.  Some individuals can show some symptoms like loss of appetite, fatigue, low fever, pain in upper part of the abdomen or jaundice etc. The symptoms linked Liver Transplant Hospital in Delhi with chronic hepatitis like enlarged spleen, fluid retention can also appear. These symptoms also resemble other medical problem. The patient has to consult the doctor before start of any treatment.

Liver Transplant in Delhi


Treatments depend on causes of the disease, family history, severity and general health of the patient. The patients who do not recover without treatment need hospitalization. In case of chronic hepatitis, the treatment has to be done to stop the damage to the liver and mitigate the symptoms. There are many treatments methods, which depend on the cause of the hepatitis. If hepatitis is caused by B or C hepatitis, then antiviral drug is given through injection to stop the damage to the liver. Also different oral drugs are used for hepatitis B and hepatitis C. Corticosteroids are used in case of chronic liver problem causes by an autoimmune disorder.

Discontinuous of certain drugs, which have caused the liver disease, also leads to an improvement in the liver condition. Avoiding alcohol is also suggested in chronic liver disease, caused by alcohol.  The liver transplantation Liver Transplant is done only when the liver has been totally damaged and has formed a scar tissue, or cirrhosis.


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