Reasons that lead to liver transplantations

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Liver is the largest internal organ in the body. It is produces over 1000 enzymes and performs over 500 functions. In the case of liver failure, the liver transplantation becomes necessary. The liver is the only organ of the body that can grow to full within few weeks of transplantation.  Only 25 % of the transplanted liver can grow into full liver after weeks of transplantation.  But in case of failure of liver to function, the liver transplantation becomes necessary as there is no device or machine that can replace liver in the human body.

Diseases that can lead to liver transplantation –

Acute liver failure can result from chronic liver hepatitis, which can be hepatitis B, C and D, which can cause inflammation and permanent damage to the liver.  Other disease is autoimmune hepatitis in which the body‘s immune system does not function properly and leads to destruction of liver tissue. The deposition of fat in the liver can also damages the liver

The acute liver failure can happen when the liver has suffered massive injury that has rendered it ineffective to perform the normal functions. Overdose of medicines, viral infection, eating some poisonous substances such as mushroom can also lead to liver failure.


Chronic liver failure can also damage the liver permanently. Though, liver has ability to regenerate itself, but repeated injuries or repair over many years may render it incapable of regeneration. The end stage, when liver is not able to regenerate itself is called cirrhoses. The cirrhosis of liver is the stage, when transplantation of the liver becomes necessary. Then there are some genetic diseases and failure of liver due to heavy consumption of alcohol.

Liver transplantation Liver Transplant in Delhi operation involves removal and preparation of the livers from donor and patient. The implantation of the liver must be done carefully, because liver has several connections, all of which must be reconnected for receiving blood and draining bile from liver. The structures that are connected are inferior vena cava, the hepatic artery, bile duct and portal vein. The exact method of connecting depends on the donor and recipient’s anatomy issues or in some cases the diseases of the recipient.

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The success rate Liver Transplant Hospital in Delhi of liver transplantation rate is very high. In some cases about 1-5 %, the newly transplanted liver may not function properly or normally. If the transplantation is not successful, then the patient may require second transplantation immediately.


Causes and Treatments of Chronic Liver Diseases

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Most of the liver diseases can be classified into acute and chronic liver diseases. Process of progressive destruction is associated with liver diseases that are known as chronic liver diseases. In addition to this, the chronic liver diseases are associated are associated with regeneration of the liver parenchyma. This blog discusses causes of the chronic liver diseases and treatment of the chronic diseases in Delhi.

 In addition to this, the chronic liver diseases results in fibrosis and cirrhosis. If left untreated, the patients with chronic liver diseases last over a period a six month.  The chronic liver diseases consist of inflammation of liver. In addition to this, the chronic liver diseases cause cirrhosis and Hepatocellular cirrhosis.

Causes of the Chronic Liver Diseases

The chronic liver disease can be caused by viral causes. It can be caused by hepatic B and hepatic C. chronic liver diseases can be caused alcoholic liver diseases. In addition to this, the chronic liver diseases can be caused by rarely drug induced liver diseases. Acute liver damage can be caused by Paracetamoll and allied drugs.  In addition to this; chronic liver diseases can be caused by cytomegalovirus and Epstein Barr virus.


Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease can also cause liver chronic diseases. In addition to this, the chronic liver diseases can be caused by Right heart failure. Autoimmune hepatitis can also cause chronic liver diseases.

Treatment of Chronic Liver Diseases in Delhi

Depending on the causes, the treatment of chronic liver diseases are prescribed by doctors having expertise in the chronic liver diseases in Delhi. Medications such as corticosteroids can be treated through chronic liver diseases in Delhi. Other medications used for treatment of the chronic liver diseases are interferon and antiviral. For treatment of specific conditions of the chronic liver diseases, the doctors can prescribe bile acids.

Complications of the cirrhosis can be treated through the support therapy such as diuretics, albumin and vitamin K.  For treatment of cirrhosis, the use of blood products, nutritional therapy is précised by doctors.

All the support therapy is accompanied with the use of high dose of antibiotics, under the administration of qualified and experienced professional doctors with liver specialists.

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In case of the last stages of the chronic liver diseases, reputed and well-known Liver Transplant Surgeon in Delhi suggest transplantation of the liver as soon as possible, for ensuring normal functionality of liver.

Liver Transplant Hospital in Delhi under the administration of qualified doctors provides effective transplantation of liver with minimum organ rejection and high success rate.