Process of liver transplant and types of liver transplants

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Liver transplant begins with the referral to transplant center by the doctor. The patient is examined by the team of doctors to determine whether the patient is in need for transplant. The examination is done by testing blood, urine, physical examination, x rays, imaging tests and tests are also conducted to test the function of heart, kidneys and lungs.


The liver transplant is Liver Transplant in Delhi complex and can last up to 12 hours. The patient receiving the liver is given general anesthesia.  The intravenous lines are inserted to give medicine and fluid and catheter drain the urine from bladder.  An incision is done at the upper abdomen and surgeon access the liver. The liver, which is to be removed from the patient, is detached from blood vessels, and bile duct.

The donor liver is then put in the same place, where the damaged liver is taken from. It is also noted whether the donor liver is producing the bile. The blood vessels and bile duct of the recipient is attached with the donor liver. If the bile duct of the recipient cannot be attached with the bile duct of the donor liver, then the bile duct of the donor is drained into the small intestine loop.

After the surgery, the patient is shifted to the intensive care unit. After some stabilization, the breathing tube for general anesthesia is taken out and patient is send to general ward. The patient has to stay in the hospital for couple of weeks.

The person giving segment of the liver also has to stay in hospital after surgery for at least one week. The donor also has to go through surgery, in which segment of the healthy liver is taken out.

Types of liver transplant –


There are three ways to perform the liver transplant. One is deceased organ donation from the person who is already dead. Other is donation from the person who is living. The segment of the living healthy Liver Transplant Hospital in Delhi  liver is taken out from the living person. The segment in both the donor and receipt can grown into normal size .Third is split donation, here the segment from the deceased person‘s liver is given to two persons. The segments can grow into normal sizes in two different persons.

The person who receives the liver can return to the normal life after some months. The patient has to take medicine to stop the body from rejecting the new liver. This medication, immunosuppressant has to be taken for the rest of the life by the person who received liver.